Senor Kaos: Last Call – Farewell

Senor Kaos: Last Call-Farewell

Tuesday June 16th, 2015 marked the end of an era for one of the city’s most loved independent hip-hop artists. Senor Kaos crushed his last set in Atlanta, and left the crowd shouting “Encore, Encore, Encore!!!”

Senor Kaos: Last Call-Farewell

       Performance is an art form that many attempt to accomplish, but few succeed. A well thought out line up at the“Senor Kaos: Last Call- Farewell” show proved to exemplify  what being an “Emcee” is all about.  From the amazing talent to the hypnotizing light show, the energy was definitely exciting and full of positivity.

Senor Kaos: Last Call-Farewell

Feel free to click here and visit the image gallery to get a better sense of what the crowd experienced.

If you would like to hear music by Senor Kaos just visit his website:


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    1. I’m definitely glad that I made it out, I wasn’t planning on working but I was too inspired not to.

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