Rio Sirah – Atlanta Based Visual Artist

Rio Sirah
Rio Sirah

Rio is one of those fascinating characters that you never forget. I had the pleasure of being introduced to him in 2012 at the EastSide Lounge during a music video shoot for a buddy of mine. Rio was varnishing a model’s body in a brilliant series of colors with intricate design. I had never seen anything like it. Three years later, his drive and unusual talent earned him a spot on the second season of Skin Wars on the Game Show Network.The coolest thing about Rio is that outside of being an exceptional artist, he’s thought provoking and inspiring. He maintains a gracious balance of humility and confidence and urges his community to tenaciously pursue their dreams, despite the obstacles they will encounter. I can relate a great deal to his energy and drive. That’s why I chose to catch up with Rio at the premiere of his show on Wednesday night and make him “The A Is For Art” feature of the month. I’d like to hear what you think! Watch, share, and comment on the video and photos. If you would like to see more pictures from his event, visit my website by CLICKING HERE. I would love to catch up with Rio at a later date and fully document his art process from start to finish. Stay tuned!

Body Artist- Rio Sirah Model- Immaculate
Body Artist- Rio Sirah
Model- Immaculate

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