Krog St. Tunnel
Photo by Jonathan Banks

My name is Jonathan Banks and although I wasn’t born in Atlanta, I’m beginning to love it more and more each year. Like most of us, I’ve had many ups and downs. I’ve fallen in and out of love with the most beautiful women, delivered my first born child, and performed in front of the most energetic crowds here. This city vibrates with creative energy. It’s progressing and I can’t help but notice the immense amount of talent that is filling the streets, art galleries, and concert halls. This blog is a dedication to all that inspires me and those like me. Art is a highly addictive substance and this is where you can get your fix. “The A Is For Art” is a watering hole for creators, collectors, fans, visitors looking for a cool night on the town, whomever desires to feel the “Art Beat” of Atlanta.

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